Speed Governor Features
We are the manufacturer of premium quality speed governor/ road speed limiter. Our speed limiter have good demand in market.

Principle of Operation
The Electronic Control Unit is powered By battery through the Ignition switch. When ignition is turned ON, the ECU is powered. The ECU activates the motor unit which rotates anti-clockwise, thereby equaling the length of the Spring Rod to that of the length of the original connecting rod,  to allow maximum acceleration.

When the vehicle is in motion, the Electronic Control Unit receives beyond pulses from the speed sensor and computes the speed of the vehicle. It constantly monitors the speed of the vehicle.

When the speed of the vehicle reaches the set speed, the ECU activates the Solenoid Valve by means of which the flow of the diesel is regulated. This controls the fuel flow to the engine resulting in a stabilized speed. 

Electronic Control Unit 
Voltage : 8 V to 16 V
Temperature : 5 deg. C to 55 deg. C +2 deg C
Operating Current : 1 amp to 1.5 max

Solenoid Valve
Voltage : 8 V to 16 V
Operating Current : 0.9 to 1.8 Amp

Speed Sensor
Voltage : 8 V to 16 V
Frequency : 1 Hz to 400 Hz
No. of Pulses : 8 P.P.R / rotation
Duty Cycle Signal : 50% of Total Time Period

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Premium Quality Speed Limiter is Available for Bulk Sale
Ecogas Impex Pvt. Ltd. is the Manufacturer and Suppler of High Quality Speed Governor/Speed Limiter for Commercial Vehicles in Delhi, India. We are looking for companies interested for bulk trade of our products in India or overseas. 

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Mr. R. S. Dixit (Gopaljee Dairy)

Ecogas Impex is the premier manufacturer of Vehicle Speed Limiter Devices in Delhi India.

Some of our commercial vehicles have been installed with Ecogas Speed Governor Since February 2013. We have found them working well and providing fuel economy as well as life saving techniques to us.

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