Electronic Speed Governor / Electronic Speed Limiter
Electronic Speed Governor / Electronic Speed Limiter is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed. The Product offers a variety of benefits to the fleet owners, drivers and passengers, via:
  • Better safety of all Road user by avoiding over-speeding.
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Automatic – Preventive rather than reactionary.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency.
  • Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.

Speed Governor consists of three basic components
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
  • Fuel Control Valve / Actuator.
  • Speed Sensor.

Why Electronic Speed Governors?
As per WHO, India tops the list of nations with highest deaths in Road Accidents in the world in 2006. As per National Crime Records Bureau Data (2006), Road Accidents deaths in India account for the highest amongst unnatural deaths.
Over speeding causes the maximum accidents. Thus the solution lies in controlling over speeding of transport vehicles thereby inducing discipline amongst drivers through use of technology. Electronic Speed Governors is such a device that restricts the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset limit.

The Advantages of Speed Governor.
  • Increased Road Safety.
  • Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced pollution & thus improved environment.
  • Reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle owner(s).

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Premium Quality Speed Limiter is Available for Bulk Sale
Ecogas Impex Pvt. Ltd. is the Manufacturer and Suppler of High Quality Speed Governor/Speed Limiter for Commercial Vehicles in Delhi, India. We are looking for companies interested for bulk trade of our products in India or overseas. 

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Mr. R. S. Dixit (Gopaljee Dairy)

Ecogas Impex is the premier manufacturer of Vehicle Speed Limiter Devices in Delhi India.

Some of our commercial vehicles have been installed with Ecogas Speed Governor Since February 2013. We have found them working well and providing fuel economy as well as life saving techniques to us.

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